Partners in the Project ARGO 2:

Two hospitals in Liège (the CHR and the CHU), Solidaris, Doctors of the World and the Association of the Friends of Children with Cancer Elpida supported the project ARGO 1. Because of their concern for the urgent need for aid to the people of Greece, they have begun a second project of solidarity, ARGO 2, which plans to send a similar vehicle to the hospitals and health centers in the region of Thessaloniki and Northern Greece.

The Fondation CHU Saint-Pierre of the St. Peter Hospital in Brussels initiated a program to mobilize doctors, paramedics and citizens of Belgium to assist Greek families who no longer have access to medical treatment in their own country.


This program led to a gift to the population of the Greek Island of Euboea of a Mobile Medical Unit named ARGO 1. The Mobile Medical Unit is a converted ambulance containing an ultrasound scanner, an ECG recorder, a portable laboratory, a defibrillator and equipment for emergency medical treatment.


ARGO 1: A project initiated by the Fondation CHU Saint-Pierre

Le Centre Médical Mobile ARGO 1

ARGO 2: A project started by organizations in Liège


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