ARGO 1 is an ambulance that has been converted into a Mobile Medical Unit.


It travels from village to village on the island of Euboea within the dême (district) of Limni-Mandhoudi-Agia Anna, offering patients access to first-class medical care with mobile equipment.


ARGO 1 is equipped with an ECG recorder, a very high-quality ultrasound scanner, a portable device for measuring respiration and an analytical laboratory able to perform a dozen basic blood analyses.


The images from the ultrasound scanner and the plots from the ECG recorder can be sent by Internet to specialists elsewhere in Greece or to the CHU Saint-Peter in Brussels if expert advice is necessary.


Concomitantly, the Fondation CHU Saint-Pierre (CHU in Brussels), which launched the project, trained doctors from the Health Center in Mandhoudi (Euboea) to use the Mobile Medical Unit.

What is ARGO 1?

Le Centre Médical Mobile ARGO 1